My name is Alex Kentfield and I strive to create fantastic creative work for anyone and everyone. I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker with experience in corporate films to product photography as well as creating videos and photographing for a whole number of clients and individuals. I am originally from Cheltenham where I grew up but now I am currently based in South Yorkshire. If you require any photography or film work I am free to meet you on location or at your place of work with all the equipment needed for the job. My attitude is if there's something you want doing i'll get it done properly with the time and effort put into everything I create and working to create what you want is always my main priority. 

In regards to equipment I currently use a Sony a7rii Camera featuring beautiful 4K video capabilities and a stunning 42MP full frame sensor which allows me to take some of the highest quality images and video work out there. I currently edit video using vegas creative suite professional editing software and for photographs Adobe photoshop and lightroom with which I am able to produce and create stunning images for anyone. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch today and see how I can help.

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Mr Alex Kentfield
Cartmell Hill
S8 0RH

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